Krabi Cycling and Rock Climbing Adventure

On: Monday, July 25, 2011

Please excuse my laziness for not updating my blog as often as I had liked. But then again, I haven't been to any adventurous trip for quite some time till Krabi lately.

Had been planning for this trip for quite some time but just had the opportunity to do it since my packed schedule allowed. Managed to burn some calories and YES! am feeling 2-3kgs lighter now.

This was a short 4D/3N trip and much time was spent on the road. 8 hours journey back and forth from Penang to Krabi really took its toll on me but I survived it. Cramped like a sardine inside one of those vans (mini bus), it's gonna take a hell of a good trip to make it all worth-while.

My first day was supposed to be relaxing and spending time familiarizing myself with Krabi town, visiting some nearby attractions like the Tiger Cave temple, Wat Kaew, Vogue and the walking street. But it was more than what I had expected as the 1,237 steps up to the top of the hill at Tiger Cave temple was quite a challenging one.

The second day was a full day Krabi Eco Cycle tour. It was a new experience for me to cycle and visit a place at the same time. But indeed it was really a good and cheap way to visit places and get a cardiovascular workout at the same time. We visited a traditional latex processing house, the emerald and blue pool at Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, had wonderful Thai lunch then end our journey at the Hot Spring Waterfall at Klong Thom district. All in all it was about 20km of cycling and plenty of chances to cool-off by dipping in those pools except the blue one. Our guide Wut was very proficient in English and had provided many insights to these places.

The next day was the highlight of the trip as I had my first hand at outdoor rock-climbing. What better place to get a first taste than Krabi, the world renowned place for rock climbing. As it turned out, rock climbing is actually quite a graceful sport, relying more on balance and leg muscles rather than the strength of arms as many perceived. But of course a great upper body strength and strong fingers would give you an edge in this competitive sport. I learnt a few terms as well like "climbing", "climb on", "falling", "down", "tension", "slack" which are frequently uttered between the climber and his belayer. Wonderful time, wonderful experience and I can't wait for more. I'll get the 6A next time.

Look out for King Climbers!

Goddess of Mercy Pagoda at Tiger Cave Temple

Colorful joss stick for each day of the week

1,237 steps to get to the peak

Beautiful view of the surrounding plains around Krabi at the peak

Big Buddha statue greeting travelers at the peak

Wat Kaew at Krabi town

Dragon sculpture adorning the entrance to Wat Kaew

The rooftop bar along Chao Fa road at the KR Mansion

The rooftop bar along Chao Fa road at the KR Mansion

Sunset view of Khao Khanab Nam from the rooftop bar

Maharaj wet market, opens from 3am in the morning

Chinese dim sum located opposite the Maharaj market. Serves excellent congee.

Comfortable ride to the starting point

Our guide Wut explaining the  process of producing latex

The emerald pool is cool to swim

The blue pool, not advisable to swim

Relaxing dip at the hot spring waterfall

This is where the hot spring waterfall meets the cool water of this stream

The best view of Ao Nang beach at the Ao Nang seafood rest

Rock climbing @Railay beach

Some damage done but that's not gonna deter me

Shaded spot at another part of the beach. Grade 5A - 6C

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Hi Mandie, sure pls may I have your website.

Surin Beach Phuket said...

Thank you nice article. Krabi is just a few hours' drive from Phuket.
I am someone who really love white beaches and crystal clear waters on the beach of Krabi and phuket.

The Philippine Mountaineering said...

please try to read my blog brother... thanks. next time i'll post my tambayukon climb

Family Travellers said...

This trip sounds awesome. We've never made it above Phuket but now feel like we need to go see Krabi. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Sbipk said...

Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!

And if you are looking for hotel in phuket for your holiday. Surin Beach Hotel will be the best choice for you too.