Yet Another Successful Trip to Mount Kinabalu!

On: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just back from an amazing trip to Mount Kinabalu. Weather was perfect, the hike was perfect and everything went as smooth as it can get. If only one can complaint, it is the lack of photos which we took at Low's peak because of the freezing temperature and the need to rush to the meeting point of Via Ferrata before the cut-off time.
Below are our itinerary for the trip. There will be more photos and updates coming by, so stay tuned.
Day 1 (11-Feb)
11:00 - Arrived at KK and check into Tune Hotel 1 Borneo (Airport transfer RM60, before 11pm is RM40)
00:00 - Checked into Tune Hotel and had a few drinks at Ice Bar nearby.
Day 2 (12-Feb)
10:00 - After breakfast, depart to Poring hot spring (One way transfer RM300)
13:00 - Arrived at Poring hot spring and lunch.
13:30 - Relaxing dip and enjoyable walk at canopy walk
15:30 - Depart to Kinabalu park
17:00 - Arrived at Kinabalu park, registration and check into the Nepenthes lodge.
18:00 - Attended the pre-hike briefing and proceed to Balsam cafe for the buffet dinner.
22:00 - Finish packing our stuff and retired for the day.
Day 3 (13-Feb)
6:30 - Breakfast at Balsam cafe and collected the packed lunch.
8:30 - Checked our luggages into concierge, introduction to our guide and depart for Timpohon gate. Hired a porter for extra luggages at the rate of RM8/kg.
8:45 - Arrived at Timpohon gate and started our hike.
12:15 - Arrived at Laban Rata, rest and lunch.
13:00 - Check into our room "Buttercup 3"
15:00 - Via Ferrata registration and briefing at Pendant Hut. Low's peak circuit at RM550/pax.
17:00 - Dinner at Laban Rata cafe
19:00 - Finish packing and sleep
Day 4 (14-Feb)
1:00 - Wake up and have own meal (Supper at cafe is served from 2:30, so we decided to have our own meal)
2:00 - Start hike from Laban Rata
5:30 - Reached Low's peak ahead of the sunrise.
6:00 - Sun rises over the horizon with clear blue skies.
6:30 - Descended to the meeting point of Via Ferrata (Cut-off time for Low's peak circuit is 7:30)
7:00 - Arrived at the meeting point and getting equipped with the climbing gears.
7:30 - Started Via Ferrata Low's peak circuit
10:00 - Arrived at the mini jungle
11:00 - Arrived at the meeting point of Walk the Torq
12:30 - Arrived back at Laban Rata, rest and breakfast (Requested for packed breakfast from the staff as breakfast is only served till 1030)
13:30 - Descend from Laban Rata to Timpohon gate
15:30 - Arrived at the Timpohon gate and transfer to Balsam cafe for lunch
16:30 - Collected certificates of Low's peak and Via Ferrata
17:30 - Depart from Kinabalu park to Likas (One way transfer RM250/van)
20:00 - Seafood dinner at nearby Seremban Seafood Restaurant (Expensive!!!)
21:30 - Foot reflexology at Thai massage 1 Borneo
Day 5 (15-Feb)
10:00 - Check out of Tune hotel and explore KK (Free shuttle from 1 Borneo to Warisan Square)
14:00 - Back to 1 Borneo and depart to airport (One way transfer RM40)
17:00 - Depart back to Penang

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