Photos Gallery of Mt Kinabalu Trip 2011

On: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here are the photos from our recent Mt Kinabalu trip. Thank god, we were blessed with perfect clear blue skies although it was raining heavily the previous afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip and looking forward to Mt Rinjani, Lombok next. 

Lunch at Round Inn, nearby Poring Hot Spring. Very touristy, place was fully booked and we had to settle for a table outside.
Meow! Poor cat begging for food
Rock Pool. The only cold bath at Poring hot spring
Hot baths. Each can have their own private bath.
Group photo at the spacious living room of our Nepenthes hut at Kinabalu Park. Too bad  we only had a short stay and don't get to fully enjoy the amenities.
Hall where we had our pre-climb briefing
Balsam cafe @Kinabalu Park where we had our dinner, breakfast & pre-packed lunch prior to the climb. The dinner buffet was awesome!
Our VIP dorm at Laban Rata "Buttercup 3"
Fully packed cafeteria @Laban Rata resthouse
Beautiful sun set as viewed from Laban Rata resthouse
At Low's peak 0545am
Group photo with St John's peak as background
Awaiting the sun rise at Low's peak - 0608

St John's peak as viewed from Low's peak
South peak amidst a sea of clouds

Hikers making their way down with South peak and St John's peak in the background
Signboard at KM8, the final one before Low's peak
An unidentified peak captured on the way down
The sea of clouds and rocky terrain is simply magnificent
Donkey ears peak
Some vegetation still able to flourish in this harsh environment
Hikers still making their way up the peak
A pool of water forming the previous day's shower
Another peak on the way down
Amazing terrain, the weather was perfect with clear blue sky

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Kazuolim said...

Absolutely right. It was an xcellent trip with perfect weather. :)

Car Loan Calculator said...

nice post
really want to go there