Action Needed Before Someone Gets Seriously Injured from Monkey Attacks at Penang Hill

On: Monday, January 17, 2011

I want to share this story of a fellow hiker at penang hill on the nuisance of the monkey and the threat it poses.
I'm a regular hiker of penang hill's jeep road and had many encounters with these monkeys before. So far I had avoided eye contact with them and did not show any signs of fear, and they had stayed their distance. But I did once carry a backpack with a small bottled water and it attracted them as I walked pass. It created a frenzy of activity and they tried to approach and grab my water from behind. It's not that I fear losing my water bottle but I must admit that the thought of them attacking and sinking their teeth into me did cross my mind.
I've seen daring monkeys in Langkawi that snatches at plastic bags and attack tourists. So it is not just an illusion but something waiting to happen.
I urge the authorities to take action soon before somebody gets injured. Or do we need to wait for an attack to happen first?

"Something needs to be done about the monkey population in Penang, before someone gets seriously injured."

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3 comments on "Action Needed Before Someone Gets Seriously Injured from Monkey Attacks at Penang Hill"

India tour said...

A very nice issue has been raised by you. Thanks for your suggestion.

Peter said...


It is not just the monkeys, there are just too many "wild dogs' on the trails around Penang Hill. Some of the Farmers rare these dogs to guard their properties, but let them roam around causing havoc. In some trails, you mind your business, they will still come from nowhere and attack. When can we do about this?


Zvid said...

yesterday I went hiking up the road trail and I was attacked by a monkey. I was alone and just walking slowly - pretty much minding my own business...when a male monkey that was sitting on a wall nearby started showing aggresive face/ teeth & sounds. The female monkey was not aggresive. I threw away the banana I had in my back incase that was what attracted them. Despite this the make monkey was trying to charge me & I tried shooing him away with my towel ( pretty much the only thing I had to protect myself ) he clearly was not after the food. Luckily after the longest 5 minutes of my life a cyclist came by and at oncew the monkey aggresion went down by notches. I was told they target lone women and children mostly especially as this is the mating season. I wonder who will be the right authorities to register a complaint - so they can do somethign before someone gets hurt.