Backpacking Trip to Langkawi - Part I

On: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joined Boon for this short backpacking trip to Langkawi. Have been to Langkawi countless times but all the trips were shopping and booze-themed trips without really exploring the nature side of the island. So the opportunity beckons when Boon shared with me his itinerary and I promptly booked my flight.

Day 1

Finally arrived at ~2030 in the evening after countless reschedules by Fireflyz. Initially our flight was scheduled to depart at 1730 but it got re-timed 2-3 times and finally ended up departing at 2000. It was around 2130 that we finally got to Pantai Cenang and settled down for dinner. Renting a car was not cheap at this time of the year as a poorly maintained manual Wira cost RM80. Dinner was only average at the much hyped Red Tomato Garden Cafe. Ordered the house-special tomato soup and 10" pizza but it was overly priced and tastes average. So I will give this a skip for future trips.

We then check-into the White Lodge Chalet which is located along Pantai Cenang but is only accessible via a small private road. The room was spacious, tidy and clean, and at just slightly over RM50/pax, it was worth every penny.

White Lodge Chalet, Pantai Cenang
Twin bed room with plenty of space

The sky looked ominous and soon after it was raining heavily. We were slightly worried as there was the island hopping tour tomorrow morning.

Day 2

It was a good night's sleep but the weather was not too kind to us as the rain continued pouring and show no signs of ceasing. We prayed that the weather would be kinder to us as we decided to change the tour to the afternoon session. Fortunately the tour operator was flexible enough. Prices vary a lot for the tours and we were surprise some people were paying double when book directly through the hotel. So it is wise to look around as there are plenty of tour operators along the Pantai Cenang stretch.

We made our way to Kuah town and visited the Wat Luang Phor Khoon followed by a private tour of the Dragon Fruit Farm by its friendly young operator. Too bad we missed out on the flower blossoming the night before. Amazingly, our prayers were answered after blessing from the Siam temple. Clouds started to be blown away and there were glimpses of the bright blue sky. It was a relief as the island hopping tour was able to proceed as planned.

Wat Luang Phor Khoon, Kuah Town
A ripe Dragon Fruit with its thorny plant

Dragon Fruit Farm, Kuah Town

At 2pm sharp, the tour van picked us up and accumulated other passengers on its way to the jetty. We were taken for a speed boat ride to Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau Singa and Pulau Daya Bunting. These islands were pretty much uninhabited and therefore has some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches. Watch out for the plastic-bag crazy monkeys as they often target visitors carrying them as it's associated with food. Luckily for me they did not attack as I was on my toes all the time. We made a longer stop at Pulau Daya Bunting to witness the famous "Lake of Pregnant Maiden" which is a short hike away. The lake is named so because of the overlooking mountain resembling the shape of a pregnant lady. Of course the famous legend that those unable to conceive will be able to after a dip in the lake. Before we knew it, the tour was nearing its end and there was a short stop to witness the eagle feeding at one of the islands.

Speed boats hover at the beaches of Pulau Beras Basah

Pier at Pulau Beras Basah
People swimming and relaxing at the Lake of Pregnant Maiden

Boats parked along the pier at Pulau Daya Bunting

We were dropped back to our chalet just about evening time right before dinner. So we decided to try the famous Japenese food here "Unkaizan" and so happened it was fully booked. Keeping with the Asian theme, we then decided to try the Korean food "Han Kook Kwan" and it did not disappoint. Hidden at a deserted complex nearby the airport is this gem of a Korean restaurant. There are some construction work going on at the complex which seems like an indoor water park. Maybe due to its location, there weren't many patrons and the visitors were mainly limited to regulars, mostly Korean expats. Tried the ala-carte menu and the food was delicious especially the pork dish from the separately presented "secret menu". And keeping up with the tradition, all appetizers are served bottom-less which is why I regretted over-dosing on Kim chi....breakkkkk!!!!

Han Kook Kwan, Padang Matisrat

Han Kook Kwan, Padang Matisrat

To be continued....

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