12th Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011

On: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Location : Heart Of North Borneo, Sabah
Date : 22hb - 24hb April 2011
Distance : 100km-130km (Solo & Duo) 60km (Trail Run)

Sabah Adventure Challenge is South East Asia’s most established multi-day adventure race, founded in 1998 in the heart of North Borneo.

Founded on the principles of competing with the ultimate ambition of finishing an adventure race set in mystical North Borneo, Sabah, land below the wind where the mighty crocker range mountains divide the coast of Sabah and the interior of North Borneo. Mount Kinabalu, South East Asia’s highest mountain dominates in the background as competitors compete from dawn to dusk, and sometimes into the night to complete each day’s adventure be it on mountain bike, on foot or rafting down cold, magical rivers and through native villages.

No prize money is offered for winners and each individual is expected to complete the event by crossing the finish line each day.

Competitors can elect to compete in the full on adventure race/mountain bike race over 3 days or a 2 day ultra 60km trail run either solo or in a duo (duo not available for ultra 60km trail run).Teams are required to be self-sufficient and to compete by navigating with topographic maps and compass from check point to check point, as well as taking on the challenge of the natural jungle landscape and surrounding mountain ranges that dominate the West Coast of Sabah.

Each year, the race directors look at new ideas and formats to ensure each year’s challenge is slightly different from the previous year’s event, ensuring varying difficulty and challenges for competitors who do return year after year to compete and to take on the challenge of completing an SAC.Teams are required to carry adequate food and water as well as a list of equipment on their mandatory kit list as they are transported to the starting location each morning and then back to their accommodations at the end of the day.

Its the experince of a Sabah Adventure Challenge that makes competitors leave Sabah with experiences to talk about for years to come and memories of a challenge to last a life time having completed an adventure race covering 150 kilometers over three days.

This is, the Sabah Adventure Challenge. Watch the video!

Website: http://www.sabahadventurechallenge.com
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Run said...

Hey Shaun:

Thanks for the post about our race!
Love how you have a blog dedicated to all things mountain and adventure. Langkawi pics were nice!

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