OmniBus-Climb4Charity Expedition June 25th -28th 2010

On: Monday, May 10, 2010

In an effort to raise much needed funds for Borneo Child Aid, each person participating in the OmniBus Mt. Kinabalu Climb is donating 300 Malaysian Ringgits to the charity on top of all their travel, accommodation and climbing costs. This is really a great effort by all involved, but we obviously would like to help as much as we can so we have added a sponsorship page to the website where you can sponsor our “epic” climb and make a secure donation with your credit card. You will receive a receipt directly from Borneo Child Aid so you can offset your donation against tax, better they have your money than the tax man.

OmniBus Systems is a technology supplier to the global broadcast TV business, our Asia Pacific headquarters are based in Kuala Lumpur in sunny Malaysia. Anybody who visits our office in Kuala Lumpur or KL as its known locally, will almost certainly be struck by the size and beauty of the famous Patronas Twin Towers near our office. At 88 stories high, these towers are amongst the tallest buildings in the world. Standing nearby the towers and looking at the impossibly high crowning ball and spikes, way way up on the top of the towers isenough to strain both neck and eyes. The view from the top is breath taking; one feels as if one is on top of the world.

They are tall, very tall, now imagine stacking another eight twin towers vertically on top of them, which is 792 stories!, then you have the height of Mt. Kinabalu, it’s seriously tall, and we are going to climb it.After a week of talking about High Definition TV technology at the Broadcast Asia show in June, OmniBus staff, along with family and our friends in the broadcast industry, are going to climb one of South East Asia’s tallest mountains and in so doing raise some much needed funds for the local charity, Borneo Child Aid. So join us , sponsor us, follow our adventure on this site, FaceBook or MySpace, we will post preparation details, photos and video and create some awareness of the great work being done by Borneo Child Aid for the poor plantation children in Borneo.

Borneo Child Aid Society is a Non-Profit social NGO providing education for thousands of children, who live in plantations and other remote areas far from schools in the Malaysian state Sabah on Borneo.

These children are without access to basic education because of distance, poverty or legal status.We are presently providing education for more than 8,000 underprivileged children. Help us to give these children a chance for a better future.

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