Gunung Korbu (7162 ft) & Gayong (7129 ft) - Lafuma/Millet G7 Summit Series

On: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mountain : Korbu & Gayong
Date : 19/5/10 - 23/5/10
Route : Ulu Kinta Dam - Sg Termin - Summit - Sg Termin - Ulu Kinta Dam
Difficulty level : 6/10 (graded from 1 as easy to 10 very difficult)
Registration dateline : 13/5/10

Fee Structure :-
Basic Cost = RM205 per pax (min 12 paxs to go) Inclusive of guide, sweeper, permit, 4wd, group first aid & radio communication only. For food & shelter to be provided add RM160 per person. Transportation to & from trailhead on own.

Summary Itinerary :-

19 May
11pm - Meet up point at Lafuma Bangsar to convoy to Ulu Kinta, Perak

20 May
8am - Wake up and breakfast before 4WD to trailhead.
11.15am - Start trekking with multiple river crossing to a waterfall.
1.30pm - Lunch break for 1 hour
5.45pm - Expected to reach Kem Seroja for overnight.

21 May
8am - Wake up, breakfast & pack up.
10am - Start trekking to Kem Kijang & Last water point
1.15pm - Lunch break for 30 mins
6pm - Expected to reach Gunung Korbu summit for overnight

22 May
6.30am - Wake up for sunrise, breakfast & pack up.
9am - Start trekking from Korbu summit to Gunung Gayong summit
12.15pm - Lunch at Gayong summit
12.45pm - Trek back from Gayong to Korbu and Kem Kijang
7.45pm - Expected to reach Kem Kijang for overnight

23 May
8am - Wake up for breakfast and pack up.
10am - Start trekking to Kem Seroja & waterfall
12.30pm - Lunch break and clean up at waterfall for 1 hour
4pm - Expected to reach trailhead for 4WD to Ulu KInta Dam
6pm - Dismiss & travel back KL

Note : Schedule can be change depend on operator.

Please register at our shop or sent us your registration via email to or by using the online form below. To confirm and ensure available space for the trip, kindly made payment on or before 13 May 2010.

Please fill up the form below and cut and paste from >>>> till <<<<< follow by an email to us.


Event Name : Gunung Korbu & Gayong
Event Date : 19/5/10 - 23/5/10

Full Name: <_________________________________________>

Email: <_____________________________________________>

Contact No: <________________> (H/P) <_________> (House)

New IC/Passport No:<_________________________________>

For Expatriates, Birth Date:<____________________________>

Address: <___________________________________________>


Emergency Contact Name: <_____________________________>

Emergency Contact No: <_______________________________>

Statement Of Responsibility & Indemnity:
I wish to take part in this event and hereby declare that I shall abide by the rules and regulations as set by the organisers and operators.

By joining this event, I also accept that I participate in the event entirely at my own risk. I hereby indemnify and absolve the organizing entities of the above said event, and individual organiser(s) from any liability of any nature whatsoever and howsoever caused to me which may arise from injury, illness, damage, loss, mishap, accident or any other occurrence, resulting from my participation in any expedition, field trip, event, activity, including traveling to and from the event or activity location.

Signed: < deemed sign if return via email to organiser >

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