Mountain Torq: The World's Highest Via Ferrata 3,776m

On: Monday, February 1, 2010

Via ferrata (or iron road in Italian), is a mountain path consisting of a series of rungs, rails and cables embracing the rock face. There are more than 300 via ferrata routes around the world and the world's highest via ferrata, can now be found on Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia written into the Guiness Book of Records on 15 Dec 2009.

This is the first time that the sport of via ferrata climbing is being introduced in Asia. The highest point for the via ferrata starts at 3,400 m and ends at 3,800 m. An activity for everyone, the via ferrata is devised to give people with little or no climbing experience access to rock faces normally reached by mountaineers and rock climbers. Their motto is if you could climb a ladder, you could do Via Ferrata.

There are several requirements to follow the via ferrata activity, including having an average fitness level and able to hike up to 3,200 m in 6 hours; at least 10 years old and 1.3 meters tall, and especially do not have a fear of heights (or willing to conquer their fear of heights!).

This is challenging adventure, and those interested to experience via ferrata on Mt Kinabalu should note that the beginner's route "Walk the Torq" will let the climber take their first experience along the granite walls of Mt Kinabalu (a journey of about 2- 3 hours). You will be experiencing 2 cable Monkey bridge, Tyrolean transverse and balancing beam.

For those seeking a more challenging path, "Low's Peak's Circuit" would be a suitable choice. The intermediate route will let the climber experience a 4 to 5 hours journey, which will reward the climber with a breathtaking view of the heights and sights. Amongst the highlights are the suspension bridge at 3,600m a.s.l., the 3-cable Nepalese bridge at 3,580m a.s.l. and all the experiences of Walk the Torq.

Gotta try it one day!

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