Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel hosted by Bear Grylls

On: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My favorite show on Discovery Channel is undoubtedly Man vs. Wild. It is a captivating one-hour survival guide of how adventurer Bear Grylls manages to survive against all odds in the wilderness. Grylls is no ordinary adventurer, he trained under the UK special forces for 3 years and had scaled countless mountains most famously Everest whilst only 23 years old. Most fascinating is he did Everest after only two years back from recovery of a serious back injury. He broke his back in 3 places in a parachute accident while training under the special forces. He was once the holder of the Guiness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to successfully climb Mt Everest. However the feat has since been surpassed by Jake Meyer and  Rob Gauntlett, both 21 years of age.

The show revolves how Grylls is thrown into the widerness, left there stranded and how he manages to survive and find a way back to civilization. It offers the audience a great insight into how harsh and unforgiving the environment is and what it takes to survive. What I liked is how he used his knowledge and intelligence to maneuver through the terrain. Starting fires, building temporary shelters, rafts and crafting weapons are part and parcel of survival. Grylls is an expert in living off scraps, trapping animals and killing for survival.

Below are a compilation of his adventures that I'll never forget.

My Top 5 Favourite Episodes:
1. Costa Rican Forest (Watch the video)
2. Patagonia (Watch the video)
3. Scotland (Watch the video)
4. Sahara (Watch the video)
5. Everglades (Watch the video)

My Top 5 Unforgettable Moments:
1. Allergic reaction from bee sting after honey extraction (Watch the video)
2. Porcupine scare! Hunting in confined space (Watch the video)
3. Stingray catch after several attempts of diving (Watch the video)
4. Piranha catch from a self-made bow and arrow (Watch the video)
5. Extracting water from a camel carcass (Watch the video)

My Top 5 Gross Eats:
1. Drinking his own pee. Yucks!!! (Watch the video)
2. Who's into eyeballs? Bear consumes the eyeballs and blood of a yak carcass (Watch the video)
3. Live sushi! Bear catches and bites off the head and eats (Watch the video)
4. Komodo fever! Bear butchers a monitor lizard (Watch the video)
5. Spidery treat. Bear has Tarantula for breakfast (Watch the video)

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2 comments on "Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel hosted by Bear Grylls"

caffeinehamster said...

I'm his fan too. You might like Les Stroud and Ray Mears too. =)

Shaun Yap said...

Yes, I've heard of them but I don't adore them as much as Bear.