Citin Hotel, Langkawi

On: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If you're looking for a conveniently located hotel around town with basic facilities and a simple breakfast, then Citin Hotel might be the choice for you.

The Citin Hotel is located right in the middle of town. Kuah town is just 5 minutes away while the jetty is no further than a 15 minute drive. It is a very convenient location for food and shopping. That said, there are also plenty of areas that the hotel needs improvement. The management was kind enough to acknowledge this and vow to improve on their services. Below is an extract of their feedback and my reply to them.

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(Management representative)
Dec 13, 2009
Dear Shaun_Yap,

Affirmatively your constructive feedback in this review has been acutely acknowledged though I must admit this discovery is just as shocking as it is unsettling to know about. Appropriate actions have been seriously revised and we are placing priority to improve ourselves.

Our sincerest apologies for not meeting your expectations during your stay, although I must challenge that the season by when you stayed was during LIMA which happens once in two years, where ALL hotels in Langkawi increase their room rates some by two to even three folds; whereas Citin did not even double ours during this period. Citin Langkawi strives to provide its guests the best budget rates at all times without having them feeling as though they have been cheated. I was looking at Bella Vista Hotel initially which was an extra RM20 with larger rooms, swimming pool and more facilities but unfortunately it was fully booked. I was not aware of other budget hotels that increase their room rates by two or three folds.

All housekeeping staff strictly comply to daily vacuuming throughout the hotel. Alarmingly your other comment on our service standard is just as uncomfortable to discover and proper investigations and trainings will be accorded to. If what you say is true, then something must be terribly wrong. You would know the feeling if you were to walk barefoot on the carpet. For ultra-sensitive sinus sufferers like me, dusty rooms really make us uncomfortable and we knew it instantly as we enter the room.

The airconditioner in the room you occupied has been checked since and no problems were found. It is advised to shutoff when not in use to avoid unnecessary freezing and condensation. The air conditioner was leaking water after we had turned it on for the first time. We can't help but to kept it turn on as the air conditioner wasn't really cold enough. I believe maintenance if done on a regular basis should resolve this issue.

All in all, Citin Langkawi hopes to have you stay with us in the future allowing you to notice corrective actions taken thus reevaluating our hotel then once again.

With all good wishes,

Alex Phang
Operations Executive | Citin Langkawi

Pros: Clean bed linen. Good shower with powerful showerhead. Free WIFI available. Good location, just 5 mins drive from town and 15 mins to Jetty and shopping malls.

Cons: No remote control for the TV. Limited TV channels available. Air condition not cold and water leaking. Dirty laundry scattered all over walkway leading to the room. Room not vacuumed constantly therefore dusty and sensitive to people with sinus. Mosquitoes in the room. Poor selection and variety for breakfast. Breakfast time stated as 7am but only available at 715am due to staff lateness. Unfriendly staff, seldom seen smiling. Do not expect any spectacular view from the window. Limited parking space.

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