PSDC 20th Anniversary Charity Run

On: Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Date: 26-July-2009
Time: 7.30am
Venue: PSDC FIZ, Penang
Distance: 6.5km
Entry fee: RM10
Closing date: 28-June-2009

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6 comments on "PSDC 20th Anniversary Charity Run"

GEM Community said...

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Freedom In Creation said...


The Freedom In Creation Tour is a unique concert and art exhibition experience to benefit the work of Freedom In Creation in Northern Uganda. Visiting six cities from June 12 to June 18, our goal is to raise $10,000 for Freedom In Creation's weekly art sessions and fresh water well projects in the Koro Abili IDP camp community.

haris said...

Wah!.. sempat lagi they ads their biz here.

Thanks for info. I kidnap yr post + share with my readers.

Shaun Yap said...

Mr Haris, gonna charge you for kidnapping already :)

I would call it sharing instead.

kazuolim said...

These "GEM Community" & "Freedom In Creation" are just taking for granted to promote their stuff here.

They should ask your permission before promoting the ad here. This is against banner ad regulations.

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