First 10,000 Milestone for MMA

On: Thursday, June 11, 2009

mymountainadventures reached a significant milestone on 10-June-2009. The stat counter clocked exactly 10,000 hits on this very day. It has been almost a year since this blog had been established and although it may sound trivial to many, it means a lot to me. I would sincerely like to thank all my readers, followers, subscribers, referrals, etc etc for your continuous support. Without you it would never be possible.

After 88 posts, 10,000 pageviews and 4,650 visitors, I have decided that it is time to branch out of MMA and create another blog especially dedicated to running. If time permits, I will get it online soonest possible. Do not fret, MMA will still be alive and running.

Some interesting stats to be shared.

Top 3 most popular posts
1. Top 10 Highest Mountains of Peninsular Malaysia (393 views)
2. MPPP-SCI Peace Run 2008 (287 views)
3. Mt Kinabalu Sabah (240 views)

Top 3 location of visitors
1. Malaysia (2,868)
2. Singapore (949)
3. United States (296)

Top 3 referrals (Known to me)
1. (396)
2. (290)
3. (73)

Top 3 months with most pageviews
1. May 2009 (1,605)
2. Apr 2009 (1,456)
3. Aug 2008 (1,439)

Top 3 months with most visitors
1. May 2009 (714)
2. Apr 2009 (643)
3. Aug 2008 (597)

Top 3 months with most published post
1. Nov 2008 (18 posts)
2. Aug 2008 (17 posts)
3. Apr 2009 (14 posts)

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3 comments on "First 10,000 Milestone for MMA"

kazuolim said...

Congratulations amigo! :-) You deserved for it. I'm sure more & more people around the world will love your blog.

Easy & fun to read and great to know from head to toe. The article that you written on your blog is just impressing.

Keep it up!

Shaun Yap said...

Alright thank you for your support especially the referrals from pbase. Your website is really clocking in huge volumes. Well done to you.

Xiao Thung said...

Sorry,just read this post :p
I wish I've such a number of visitor as well :)