Running for Health

On: Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interesting article from TheStar.
Running actually burns more calories per hour than cycling, swimming or tennis.

The effect of happiness that running has on your body comes from endorphins, which are powerful hormone-like substances produced in the brain that function as the body's own natural painkillers. During exercise, there is a release of endorphins in the body that are capable of producing feelings of euphoria and a general state of well-being. The feelings produced can be so powerful that they can actually mask pain.

Proving the point, Newton Yap from Runners Malaysia says: "Running is intoxicating in a good way unlike alcohol or cigarette addiction. When the endorphins course through my veins, I get 'high' but without the hangover. Running calms and cleanses what even the best drug or sedative and soaps cannot get at – the mind, heart and soul. Satisfaction guaranteed almost every time I do it.

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