Trekking at Ko Wau Talab

On: Monday, March 30, 2009

If you have a chance to visit Koh Samui and go island hopping to the surrounding islands, ensure you do not miss out on Angthong National Park. Besides its natural beauty and crystal clear waters, Angthong offers more than a spectacular sight. Hardly any people stay on the main island which is why it remains unpolluted. Almost every angle and shot you take from your camera could be a carbon copy of a postcard you see along the streets of Koh Samui. That is how spectacular the views are.

The most memorable experience during my short visit there was hiking up the hill at Koh Wau Talab. Hardly as high as any hills or mountain that I had scaled, it offers quite a great challenge to many a hiker with its difficult and unrelenting terrain. Rarely you will noticed any straight path as it is mostly uprooted trees and branches lining up the trail. What more many people including myself was wearing sandals as we were oblivious to the challenges of the trail. The most challenging part was the stretch nearing the summit as it was lined with sharp boulders similar to the pinnacles of Mt Mulu. If you haven't noticed, there is a rope just right beside where I'm standing in the photo. And there is even a warning sign and an emergency number just in case if you decide to attempt this last bit.

As you reached the top, all the aprehension of scaling the pinnacles will soon dissapear as you gawk in awe of the panorama that beholds you. You would think that you had just entered a fantasy world as it took a while for me to absorb it all. If not for the scorching hot sun and not to keep entire passengers of the tour boat waiting, I would have spent more time there. But I'm glad I did this impromptu hike, as it was really rewarding.

All in all, it took slightly more than an hour up and down the hill.

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2 comments on "Trekking at Ko Wau Talab"

hotels koh samui said...

Did you go see the Big Buddha in Koh Samui? It is one of the best sites.

Shaun Yap said...

Yes most definitely. Big Buddha is a huge attraction in Koh Samui.