Penang Bridge International Marathon (Post-Race)

On: Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Had fun last weekend though it was not exactly the Fun Run category. Followed my game plan and managed to finish below 3 hours. Though I must mention that the last 5km was pretty tough as I experienced cramps on my thighs, calves and toes, forcing me to a walking pace. Our team from Avago was a strong 70ppl. We had on a bright and striking Orange T-shirts that resemble the Fun Run shirts. Also grateful to our S&R team organizers who prepared a station just to distribute refreshments and snacks for the staff. TQ J  

On the low side, I was surprised that there was only 1 station distributing the power gel at the entry point of the bridge. As at that time there were mostly half-marathon runners and we were only starting our race. By the time the full-marathon runners reached, I would think that the supply would have ran out. Just as what happened to the refreshments. Read about the disappointments of a fellow blogger here (

the bright side, at least we need not avoid traffic like what we experienced during Malakoff. Thank you to the organizers and traffic police for their perseverance. By the way next year’s event would be scheduled on 29 November 2009. So are we going to see timing chips introduced next year???

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Full Results:

  1. Full Marathon Men Open
  2. Full Marathon Women Open
  3. Full Marathon Men Veteren
  4. Half Marathon Men Open
  5. Half Marathon Women Open
  6. Half Marathon Men Junior Veteran
  7. Half Marathon Men Senior Veteran
  8. Half Marathon Women Veteran
  9. Quarter Marathon Boys
  10. Quarter Marathon Girls

For those who missed out on the lucky draw, you can still try your luck by submitting your photos of the event. You stand a chance to win RM500 for the top prize and get it published on the 2009 calendar. Submit your photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Submit only 10 of your best pictures. Deadline: November 30th 2008.

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1 comments on "Penang Bridge International Marathon (Post-Race)"

kazuolim said...

Yes. I totally agreed about the power gel. If they are really faithful enough to distribute then should bring sufficient quantity and not only setup one station. They should also distribute along way heading back to Queensbay Mall.

For future improvment, they should consider to implement the timing chip as what we experinced in our previous Malakoff 26k Run.