Pulau Jerejak Hike

On: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Had been idling for quite some time.

Just wanted to share my hiking experience in Pulau Jerejak way back in Sept.
This was not my first time to Jerejak but I never attempted to hike the hills on my previous 2 trips. It was really an eye-opener to us.
First, we were greeted multple times by monitor lizards who scrambled upon our sight.
Then, we almost step on a dead 4ft cobra, see photo.
But the most harrowing experience was coming face to face with a live snake (same species as seen at Snake Temple). It was right on our path and we were at a fix on whether to turn back or continue. Turning back would mean missing out on the rest of the trail and another hour's journey. Going past it, might mean getting bitten and ending up in the hospital although I think it is non-venomous. Alas, we decided to proceed and made a dash for it. We were lucky...
Not so long after that, we had to make another big decision. We came to a point where there was no longer visible trails. If we were to proceed ahead, we might get lost in the jungle and god knows how many face to face meeting with snakes again. We had no choice but to turn back to the same path we crossed just moments ago. We have to play the mad-dash game again. Again it was there, same location, same position (curved S shape) and no movement at all. Fortunately, we went pass without a scratch. And that was it, we decided to follow the same trail back and can't wait to end our hike.

It was not the most enjoyable hike I had ever made. Poor signages, wild animals and no clear paths really made our hike difficult. Furthermore we didn't manage to find a way up Jerejak Hill. Won't be coming back anytime soon.

Enjoy more of our photos at Boon's Gallery.

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kazuolim said...

Unbelievable dangerous trail to explore in Jerejak. The respective owner should improve their safety awareness in order to attract more visitors to visit Jerejak Island.