Mt Yong Yap Expedition: Day 2 (The Summit)

On: Friday, August 8, 2008

The Morning

It was hardly a good morning as most of us except Zaidi had a sound sleep. The damned sand flies had been sucking the blood dry of us. To make matters worse, I was sleeping just on top of a tree root. The red spots on my neck and my whole body is the reason for my insomnia. After cleaning up at the nearby stream and a light breakfast, we were on our way up.

Our cozy 3-men tent.

No peeping....fellow hikers washing themselves.

Group photo at base camp before summit.

En Route to the Summit

Mid-way point to the summit. Kazuo is no where to be seen as he's still struggling to recover from the bee sting....kekekeke

The unique mossy forest greeted us on our way to the summit.

A viewpoint overlooking other G7 mountains just minutes away from the summit.

The Summit (2,168m)

Finally we summitted Yong Yap at around 1pm and planted our names on it.

The Avagotech hikers

The Osram hikers (Our competitors....kekeke)

Other G7 mountains visible from Yong Yap's peak.

Overall it was a memorable experience and I would rate it as more challenging both physically and mentally compared to Mt Kinabalu. It is a totally different experience and I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a rush for adventure. Thumbs up!

A courtesy note to Kazuo and Andrew for their wonderful photos taken along the journey. Their galleries can be viewed from the websites below.

Boon's gallery

Andrew's multiply

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3 comments on "Mt Yong Yap Expedition: Day 2 (The Summit)"

kazuolim said...

Yes. Hate that idiot sandflies and "Boh Kha Si" eh bee. Stung my left leg and rear head. So painful, terpaksa mendaki dengan denyutan sakit to summit. Luckily still can made it to the top.

Great view up there and a must visit mountain in Peninsula Malaysia. Especially en route via the unique mossy forest as mentioned by Shaun.

UNESCO should consider to recognize the Malaysia's G7 in near future.

zaidi said...

Actually, the sandflies and uneven camping ground are to be expected. Other possible 'annoyance' include wet & muddy camping ground, leeches, leaked tents, swarming bees etc. A good hiker will prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The most important thing is to have a positive mind. A good mental attitude is imperative when the conditions are far from ideal. Also, a good hiker must be able to adapt to its surrounding.

Shaun Yap said...

Zaidi, thanks for your comments. We have learnt a lot from this expedition but as you say, we haven't encountered other annoyance yet. I guess a seasoned mountaineer like you should have seen it all, done it all! Looking forward to our next expedition. Was it Chamah or Yong Belar?