Mt Yong Yap Expedition: Day 0 (The Preparation)

On: Friday, August 1, 2008

This was the moment we have been waiting for. Finally having the chance to lay hands on one of the G7 mountains of Malaysia. In terms of camping, we (The Avagians me, Kazuo & Gin Chun) were first-timers and we really don't know what to expect. Having surf the website and interogating veterans like Alvin Yeoh, Zaidi & pkWong, we were a bit more assured but there's still this tiny little niggling feeling. Below are the excerpt of the email between us and Alvin (This was before the briefing session from PAC). Alas, we found the answers to the last question, hahahahaha......

(1) Do you bring along your own tent or do you share with other members? Share la, so before you guys go can discuss who sleep with whom? Usually share tent also share food, unless you have one person who volunteers to cook for all?
(2) If you share tent with other members, is it comfortable? What is the no. of people in one tent? Depends on size of tent. Usually you minus one to be comfortable, eg -4man tent only sleeps 3, 5-man tent sleeps 4, etc.
(3) Is PAC provides you the tent for camping? Usually we use our own, although the club has some tents that you can borrow. If you don’t have, just borrow la.
(4) Do you prepared and cooked the food by yourself? Or bring along your food by yourselves? Bring along materials, cook on the way. Actually since Yong Yap is short journey, first day’s meals can be brought fully cooked.
(5) How do you go from Penang to Sg. Siput? By Bus? Carpolling? Usually car-pool, or bus depends on how many ppl join.
(6) Do you hire your own personal porter? How much does it costs if hiring a personal porter for this expedition? Organizer will take care for you. YYap short, so no need many porters, just guides.
(7) If you want to do business, where and how to do it? You bring your own toilet paper or pluck some leaves for cleaning? Hahahahaha……. Up to you la…… anywhere and everywhere is okay, just look first make sure no ants or other animals…. Bring toilet paper la…. My personal tip to you – bring the kitchen towels instead of toilet paper. Rougher on skin but more useful in outdoors and more applications. Regular one spoils easily when get a bit wet.

Besides that, another major concern for us is the backpack load. From our previous 2 trainings,
Circular Trail around Botanical Garden and Mt Olivia - Poh Hiao Hill - Air Itam Dam we were able to gauge our ability to carry heavy loads and we had determined that our max was 12kg. But we were wrong, very very wrong.....

Just look at our list, we ended up hauling 17kgs each....hahahaha
* I believe Kazuo's medical & first aid list is even more complete than Dr Syed's.
* Foldabale chairs.....hahaha but believe me it's very light.
* Spaghetti.....muahahahahaha, we ended up giving an unopened packet to the orang asli guide. Wonder if he knows how to cook or what the hell it is.
* Quick wipes....for a certain purpose + it smells good after that. Gave half a packet to the orang asli guide. Wonder what is he going to do with it.

And we brought or should I say we gave Yong Yap a souvenir.

To be continued...

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4 comments on "Mt Yong Yap Expedition: Day 0 (The Preparation)"

kazuolim said...

Hahahaha. LOL :-) I remembered Zaidi told us.

Zaidi : Did you tell the orang asil how to cook the spaghetti?

We : .... ahh.. the orang asli should know kua... Kekekeke.

Zaidi : Aiyoh! You must tell them how to cook one.

We : Got cooking instruction on packet mah....

Zaidi : Hahahaha! I don't think they can understand & read the cooking instruction... You must tell them how to.

I think the orang asli will just eat it by its own, raw and crispy without cook.

In term of the wet-clean-wipe maybe the orang asli will treat as substitution for CK One. :-)

zaidi said...

Shaun and Kazuo,

I truly believe you bring too many things for Yong Yap but as I said before - if you can carry them, you may bring them.


kazuolim said...

Yes, too heavy load from Kuala Mua to Base Camp. The following day to summit quite tired since used up a lot of energy on previous day. With so heavy load and must go through so many obstacles along the steep path. Can't imagine how suffering during that moment.

Overall, we are glad that we manage to reach the summit and is fun to hike with you guys.

For any future camping trips, we plan not to bring any can food. As this increase a lot on our weight.

Shaun Yap said...

Hahaha...Hopefully we will learn from this trip and try to lessen our load for the next trip. Anyway we'll still bring the portable chairs as it is quite light :)