Mt Yong Yap Expedition: Certificate

On: Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally received our certificates for Mt Yong Yap expedition. Looks quite fancy and colorful with our photos taken at base camp and at the summit embedded.
It was during the photo viewing gathering that the certificates were passed to the participants. Everyone who attended the Yong Yap expedition were entitled to a free dinner at the Korean BBQ chicken restaurant in New World Park. Too bad I couldn't make it and Wong didn't allow me to "Da Pao".
Anyway according to Kazuo, the food was sumptous and suitable for the health-conscious as they used olive oil instead of the regular cooking oil. Well, maybe try it next time. Also they were all seated on a long table with one end projecting photos while the other videos from Khoo's camcorder. Everybody had to turn their heads from one side to the other...kekeke
Let me know if anyone got photos to share.

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2 comments on "Mt Yong Yap Expedition: Certificate"

kazuolim said...

Yes. The set that I ordered was ok, the Korean BBQ chicken. One mashed potato, 2 pieces of BBQ chicken, a coleslaw and a glass of ice lemon tea.

Everyone just allow to have one drink. They should improve their service and provide free flow of ice lemon tea since nowadays many of the modern restaurant doing so.

There were huge LCD TV hanging on near to the entrance. We were requesting the waitress help us to link Khoo's laptop onto the LCD TV so everyone can have better documentary film view. Unfortunately, the waitress told us, due to their Korean restaurant's policy, they only can play @#$%^& Korean movie and songs. WTF.... End up our head have to turn left, right, left, right. Kekekeke. Anyway, it was a great photo and video sharing session.

Shaun Yap said...

Wow...seems like the service is not up to standard though the food was alright. Wong, you need to look for other venues next time.