Mt Yong Yap Expedition: All About

On: Friday, August 1, 2008

Where is Mt Yong Yap?

Mt Yong Yap is located deep inside the jungle of Kuala Mu in the state of Perak and one of the peaks along the Titawangsa mountain range.

What's so special about Mt Yong Yap?

Mt Yong Yap is the 6th highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia and part of the G7 Mountains of Malaysia. It is claimed that Yong Yap has one of the most spectacular view at the summit where all other G7 mountains namely Korbu and Yong Belar are within sight. On the way to the summit, hikers would be greeted by a lush mossy forest area unlike any other.

How to get there?

There are two access points to Mt Yong Yap. From north, there is the access through Kuala Mu whereby it requires approximately 2 to 3 hours muddy and bumpy 4WD journey from Kampung Lasah. Another alternate trail is from Pos Brook of Cameron Highlands.

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1 comments on "Mt Yong Yap Expedition: All About"

kazuolim said...

By browsing through yahoo, google or other search engines.

As of August 2008, no one actually can beat this blog about Mt.Yong Yap. With great and detail climbing information. A truthful and joyful sharing.

Many people just knew Mt.Kinabalu & Mt.Tahan. In fact, Mt.Yong Yap is the mountain that worth to climb, conquer and visit. I'm very sure all hikers will be rewarded with great experience if en route via Kuala Mu.

No regret to venture this mountain except the disgusting sandflies and bees at base camp.

Bravo!! You are just amazing to share all our wonderful climb. Next target Mt.Irau and more mountains to attempt.