Kledang-Saiong Ipoh Hike: Day 2

On: Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photos courtesy of Boon's gallery and Andrew.

The next day, we were up before sunrise and the Kledang group took us for breakfast near Menglembu. Had managed some decent sleep last night though it was not always the case when we are away from the comfort of our own beds. Thank god I brought ear plugs along as we needed a good night's sleep for the tough assignment ahead. There were some delay on our way to breakfast as we had to guide another group who drove all the way from Penang.

Here we had our photo taken with our friendly and energetic hostess, Mrs Cheah.

Obviously these 2 are still high from their ordeal last night.

Breakfast was at a kopitiam nearby the entry point and we also had lunch packed for us. I think Kazuo was having more than he bargained for as we're about to discover later....kekeke

Cramped into a lorry, we were taken to the entry point not far away. Luckily it was just a short ride as we reminisced the harrowing 4WD experience at Mt Yong Yap.

Group photo before the hike. PAC members in the striking orange colors while the Kledang group clad in shaddy yellow colors. We started our hike at about 10am. Everyone was going at quite a quick pace, maybe due to the heavy breakfast. From here on, it was all jungle trail till the end. We were informed that the jungle path had been cleared by the Kledang group a month ago especially for us.

The trail was unforgiving and certainly challenging. We crossed a number of streams, scaled almost vertical slopes and hauled ourselves up clinging to tree branches. Even experienced being stung by wasps and unknowingly donated some blood to the leeches. Here the photos (or should I say lack of photos) show it all. Even the trigger-happy Kazuo was unable to release his shutter as we were all too exhausted and concentrated on the uphill battle.

Mid-way through our hike, I heard someone shouting in Cantonese "Ma Lau Pooi" and "On Chuin Tou" , and I was wondering what the heck is he talking about? Finally it came to my sense as we stopped at an area to admire the monkey cups. I have seen enormous ones at the Cameron Hihgland plantations!

4 hours later, we were able to get a glimpse of the approaching tarred road. We were surprised to be greeted by chilled isotonic drinks and water as we made the final descend. The Kledang group were well-prepared and it was a pleasant surprise. Not forgetting the ample water supply that they had pain-stakingly hauled up and stored at a safe location mid-way through the hike. TQ.

While waiting for the rest of the hikers to arrive, we managed to clean ourselves using water from the nearby stream. Also we checked for any signs of leeches still attached to our skin as Wong found out later. He didn't realize that there were two leeches happily sucking away his blood on his leg.

We were told that there is another hour to go before reaching the base. That should give us more than a tan, as we contemplate walking under the sun for that duration.

Michael "Longhair" stroking his silky smooth hair. Any shampoo co. out there looking for a model? Rejoice? Pantene?

On our way to the base, we were glad to be greeted by the sound of a car engine approaching as Dr Cheah's pick-up emerged. We hastily climbed aboard his vehicle and enjoyed the ride down. Upon reaching the base, we were then taken to a member's house to have a hot shower and prepare ourselves for the feast ahead.

And we weren't dissapointed...

PAC's vice-president Wong exchanging souveniers with Kledang Jogger's group president Tan as a sign of appreciation.

The entertainer of the day photographed here with his "so-called" girlfriend. Boy was he a bag of jokes, as he entertained everyone with his antics and "broken" Hokkien...kekeke

The day ended with a bang and before we knew it, it was time to leave. We were chauffered to the Sri Maju bus terminal to catch our bus back to Penang. These people were still in jovial mood as we waited for our bus to arrive.

In contrast, there were some who can't wait to catch up on some sleep.

The End!

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3 comments on "Kledang-Saiong Ipoh Hike: Day 2"

kazuolim said...

Yes. It was a tough hike but still with a lot of laughter and joy. Thanks for both PAC and Kledang hikers by organising this memorable trip.

Special thanks to the all the Kledang hikers, the greatest hospitality that we ever experienced.

My sincere and heartful thanks to all the Kledang hikers.

Hope to see you all again!!

Shaun Yap said...

Yes, agree. Wondering where's the next hiking trip from PAC?

kazuolim said...

Hopefully, PAC can finalized their next hiking trip soon and share with us.