Top 10 Highest Mountains of Peninsular Malaysia

On: Thursday, July 10, 2008

1Gunung TahanPahang2,190m (7,299ft)
2Gunung KorbuPerak2,183m (7,277ft)
3Gunung Yong BelarPerak2,181m (7,270ft)
4Gunung GayongPerak2,173m (7,243ft)
5Gunung ChamahKelantan2,171m (7,237ft)
6Gunung Yong YapPerak2,168m (7,227ft)
7Gunung Ulu SepatPerak-Kelantan Border2,158m (7,193ft)
8Gunung Batu PutihPerak-Pahang Border2,131m (7,103ft)
9Gunung IrauCameron Highlands, Pahang2,110m (7,033ft)
10Gunung BenomPahang2,107m (7,023ft)

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7 comments on "Top 10 Highest Mountains of Peninsular Malaysia"

zaidi said...

In Malaysian hiking community, there are two main targets:

1) G7 - The seven highest mountains in Peninsula Malaysia (Tahan - Ulu Sepat) because there are only 7 mountains more than 7000 feet in Peninsula Malaysia.

2) G12 - The 12 highest mountains in Malaysia. The 5 highest mountains in Malaysia namely Kinabalu, Trusmadi, Tambuyukon, Murud and Mulu + G7 (Tahan is at No.6)In Malaysia, there are maybe less than 15 people who have completed G12 and the first 7 are from Penang Adventurers' Club (PAC). I only know of 2 other (non PAC) who have done it. I completed mine on 22 April 2005 at Mt Murud.

Shaun Yap said...

Zaidi, thanks for your tip. You are really the master of mountains. Looking forward to your future hiking trips.

Alvin Yeoh said...

I have completed 1, 3, 6, 9.
Too bad now 'semi-retire'. Perhaps one day I shall come back to the hiking scene. FOr now, leave it to young guys like Shaun to complete the achievements. :)

Kazuolim said...

Alvin, still young lah. Why etired so early. :-)

Anonymous said...

I noticed something. This statement is incorrect:

"...there are only 7 mountains more than 7000 feet in Peninsula Malaysia."

Since Batu Putih is at 7,103 ft; Irau is at 7,003 ft; and Benom 7,023 ft.

The G7 is named so because they're the 7 highest mountains in Peninsula Malaysia with a height of more than 7,000 ft.

Wong said...

What is the top 10 hiking in Malaysia?

Shaun Yap said...

Hi Wong,

So far there is no such compilation. Let me know if you have details.