Circular Trail Around Botanical Gardens

On: Sunday, July 6, 2008


Trail: Lily pond - Mt Olivia - Bukit Cendana - Poh Hiao Hill - Botanical Gardens
Duration: 4 hours
Trail: Jungle trekking
Load: 10kg
Difficulty: Moderate
Organizer: Penang Adventurer's Club
Photos courtesy of Boon's Gallery

The Hike
As part of the preparation for Mt Yong Yap's trip, PAC had organized this event. Lead by Zaidi and Wong, this trip was meant to test our endurance and dexterity in handling similar hiking conditions with additional loads on our back. It is also a good experience for us, first-timers to gauge our physical and mental toughness prior to the actual hike. With a minimum load of 8kg on our backs, it makes a whole lot of difference to our stamina. Fortunately for us, we had attempted >7kg loads before during the Kinabalu trip so it won't be totally new to us.

8.00am: Everybody started assembling at the entrance of Botanical Gardens. With hiking poles and backpack rain covers installed, we were ready for the hike.

8.20am: After some delay, we were on our way.

8.28am: On the pathway to the Lily pond.

8.29am: Arrival at the Lily pond. Green moss formed on the brick floor makes the area very slippery. Be careful!

8.30am: Started to ascend on the jungle path beside the Lily pond. Gin Chun looking at the steep slope ahead.

8.39am: Not the typical trail that we used to trek with 80 degree slopes and assisting ropes along the way.

8.54am: Arrival at the junction to 84 and Mt Olivia. Unfortunately this time, don't get to visit Mt Olivia as we were heading to 84.

8.55am: Arrival at our first rest stop. Everybody still looked fresh at this stage.

Andrew and Zaidi taking a breather.

Me and Kazuo posing for photos.

Everybody gathered around Zaidi for an introduction and briefing of the upcoming trip to Yong Yap.

Everybody but me paying their full attention to the briefing.

9.14am: After a 15 min break, we were on our way again.

9.22am: Whoa, a viewpoint overlooking a quarry at Tanjung Bunga.

9.43am: A wooden plank bridging the gap across a small stream.

9.45am: Hey there Zaidi, it says here that this is a restricted area.

9.47am: Some parts are really steep that you need to pully yourself up. But, no problem....

Amazing terrain along the way to 46. Is that crack caused by an earthquake? Unlikely...

9.52am: Arrived at the 46 rest area. Having a break, interrupted by constant harrassment from monkeys.

10.43am: Reached the 3-way junction of 84, 47 and 5, 39. This is after a short climb from a trail opposite 46 rest area along the Jeep road.

11.30am: Final rest point before the descend. This is the so-called Pondan Hill ("Poh Hiao Sua" in Hokkien). Apparently it is a rendezvous point for "bapuks" or transsexuals long time ago and therefore it's name.

12.01pm: After a short descend, we finally reached the base nearby Botanical Gardens. Mr Kazuo still looking energetic and eager for the next hike.

Next week, another training session to Tiger Hill. This time will surely not miss the top.

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1 comments on "Circular Trail Around Botanical Gardens"

Kazuo said...

You are the great blogger! Thumbs Up! You had precisely jot down every moment that we gone through.

I must say we really enjoy with this hike.

Looking forward for our next trip to Tiger Hill.