Air Itam to Tiger Hill Hike

On: Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Length: 8km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Trail: Tar/Concrete/Jungle
Difficulty: Moderate
Guide: Forest Ang's Trail Guide
Photos courtesy of Boon's Gallery

8.48am: Starting point at the Kwarn Inn Sahn Pow Yin Sian Tsi signboard. Entrance to this point is via the small road leading to Kek Lok Si temple. It is just 100m away from and won't miss it on your way to the Kek Lok Si temple.

8.54am: After a short hike, you'll reach this viewpoint overlooking the Kek Lok Si temple. On a clear day, the view would be splendid.

9.04am: Reaching the hut leading to the Air Itam dam.

9.05am: Just beside the hut, there's a Tua Pek Kong shrine for devotees.

9.15am: Reached the intersection of the jungle trail to Air Itam dam.

9.29am: Magnificient view of the Air Itam dam greeted us.

9.38am: Tiger Hill sign post. Luckily for the vandalized sign post, we were able to find our starting point uphill. From here onwards, it's all the way up.

10.17am: 4-point intersection. Take the right most trail (not in photo). Due to the poor signage at this area, we were a bit confused on the correct path to follow. Taking the wrong path at this juncture could lead us to Balik Pulau or Titi Kerawang.

10.21am: You'll notice this sign embedded on the starting point to the Tiger Hill trail. From here onwards, the path is level and at certain areas, downhill.

11.09am: After a lengthy walk of mostly jungle paths, we finally arrive at a vegetable farm.

11.28am: Arrived at another make-shift home at another vegetable plantation area. Beware of dogs at these areas and always be equipped with a stick.

Finally arrive at the Tiger Hill signboard at 11.45am. Too bad we were ill-informed at that time and didn't manage to find the path up the viewpoint of Tiger Hill. From here, it'll take you another hour to the Penang Hill station.

At times, we were unsure of whether we were on the correct trail as the signage was very poor. My advise is to follow our instincts and logical sense.

Next assignment circular trail around Botanical Gardens.

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3 comments on "Air Itam to Tiger Hill Hike"

Kazuo said...

Great information of Ayer Itam - Tiger Hill Trail you have share here, a must visit blog. It was a long long journey to conquer, no wonder not many people try to attempt.

I would say no doubt that this trail is easy to moderate for frequent and serious hikers like us.

A worth-to-explore trail, from temple to dam, from dam to vege farm, from tar road to jungle trail. What a great trail we had attempted.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Here too -->

Reality Junkie said...

Great information.
Thank you so much for sharing.
25 years residing in Air Itam, and only now i know the existance of Tiger Hill.
Can't wait to try out the route.