Air Itam - Rain Gauge 29 - Air Itam

On: Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trail: Air Itam to RG29 to Air Itam
Duration: 4hrs 15mins
Trail: Concrete/Jungle
Load: 14kg
Calories Burn: 1,852 kcal
Difficulty: Moderate-Tough
Organizer: Penang Adventurer's Club
Photos courtesy of Boon's Gallery

The Hikers

1. Zaidi
2. Gin Chun
3. Wong SP
4. Wong PK
5. Chan
6. Kazuo
7. Mr Teoh
8. Mrs Teoh
9. Hee
10. Shaun

The Hike

The 2nd part of our training for the Yong Yap expedition started off at the Kwarn Inn Sahn Pow Yin Sian Tsi gate at slightly over 8am. This is the same starting point as my previous hike up to Tiger Hill. Seems like not everyone is carrying the minimum required 8kg load :)

Complaining of not enough photo shots of him from the previous hike, Wong is pestering Kazuo for more photo shots now :)

After a short hike, we arrived at the hut beside the Tua Pek Kong temple where Zaidi and Kazuo were having a breather and a look at the Ipoh hike itinerary.

Before reaching the dam, we took a detour into a jungle trek where the tougher hike awaits.

We took a break at the mid-way point before reaching RG29. While I'm still wiping-off every drop of perspiration, Gin Chun was practising some tai-chi and Zaidi was relieving himself in the background.

Have a break, have Kit Kat. Gin Chun showing off his bar of Kit Kat as we recharged upon reaching the Rain Gauge 29.

Zaidi enjoying his Char Bee Hoon and guarding it against the drooling Wong.

This unique looking tree greeted us on our descend.

"Why is there such obscene things in the jungle" Wong PK commented upon seeing two trees merged together in the middle.

We arrived at a 3-way junction with trails to RG29, Air Itam Dam and the summit. A big thank you to LYK, whoever it is who took the effort to put up these signs to help people who are not so familiar with this route.

The view is shrouded by the colourful t-shirts of the hikers as we took a break and posed for some photos at a hut mid-way through our descend.

We passed an area with the background surrounded by bamboo trees.

Close to the end of the hike, managed to get a shot of Air Itam with the Kek Lok Si temple in sight.

With the Penang Hill Climb Competition coming up next week, this will be the last session of our training for the Yong Yap expedition and I think we're ready. Yong Yap, here we come!

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4 comments on "Air Itam - Rain Gauge 29 - Air Itam"

kazuolim said...

It is always delighted to visit your blog and read through all the script that you had jot down. Impressed!

zaidi said...

The combined tree reminded me of the tree on Rinjani trail. Three trees, a few metres apart, merged to become one tree at the middle. It was fascinating but the locals are wary whenever there ara near the tree. The tourists cannot stop snapping pictures!

anakinloh said...

Too bad no my photo :(
See u guys in Yong Yap

Shaun Yap said...

Andrew right?
Too bad you didn't join us for the hike ma. Else you would have professionally taken potrait photos, for a fee of course. See u in YYap.