Balik Pulau to Air Itam Night Hike

On: Monday, June 23, 2008

Joined the night hike from Balik Pulau to Air Itam organized by Penang Adventurer's Club last Saturday. Can't remember the last time I went for a night hike, or have I ever did. We gathered at the foot of the hill near the Air Itam market at around 6pm and departed for Balik Pulau at 630pm. After some light dinner, we started our hike at 8pm from the Sacred Heart High School.

7.50pm: Hikers gathering for a quick briefing by the organizer

8pm: With headlights and mosquito repellent on, getting ready for the hike

9.30pm: Having a quick break at a hut while waiting for the others. Before we knew it, we had passed the toughest part of the hike and it's downhill all the way from then onwards.

10.14pm: Arrive at the parking area overlooking the dam.

10.26pm: We passed a viewpoint on our way down and manage a quick snap.

10.45pm: Arrive at the base of the hill where our cars are parked and called it a day.

Overall it was a worthwhile experience and something different for a change. I would rate it as slightly more than a stroll in the park as we hardly break any sweat.

For more info on the hike, you could visit Forest Ang's website.

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1 comments on "Balik Pulau to Air Itam Night Hike"

Kazuo said...

It was a fairly easy hike but maybe moderate to tough for beginner. Enjoy with this hike.